Things to Consider When Doing Bathroom Renovations

Households around the world are doing bathroom renovations this year. In fact more emphasis is being placed on the bathroom than ever before.

In previous years most homes would concentrate on their living areas and the bathroom would take a back seat, but now people want spa-inspired and luxury bathrooms, a place to soak the worries of the day away. A home spa that is designed to offer sheer luxury while increasing the value of the property.

When designing a new bathroom there are a lot of things to take into consideration, you need a good designer to assist you with the layout of your bathroom, you need to choose the best products to fit into the space without compromising the floor space and you need a qualified plumber to ensure the plumbing is of the highest quality.

Bathroom renovations take time to complete and are combined with a lot of planning and organizing.

There are some important considerations to factor into your bathroom renovations to ensure they run smoothly and your family can enjoy the new bathroom space in the shortest space of time.

Essential Steps

The first step to any bathroom renovations is to have an idea in mind. You probably know the style of bathroom you are looking for. In some cases, homeowners just want to update their tired and dated bathroom items, in other cases they want to create a spa-inspired space that has a “wow” factor.

With an idea in mind you will want to approach a designer that can put your idea onto paper, later turning that idea into a reality. In most cases a layout of the bathroom will be drawn up combined with all the measurements of the space.

This is an essential step that ensures the items purchased for the bathroom don’t take up too much space, turning the area into a cramped and overpowered space.

Next you’ll need a reputable plumber. The plumber plays a very important role in bathroom renovations. They are responsible for setting up the plumbing according to the drawings, ensuring your bath, basins, shower, bidet and toilet all function accordingly.

Choosing a Plumber

The plumber you choose should have extensive experience with this type of work and be able to work alongside the other tradesman and designer to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Ross’s Plumbing in Manakau is one of these plumbers. This family owned business has been offering their services throughout Auckland for many years. As members of the Auckland Society of Master Plumbers, homeowners can use Ross’s Plumbing with complete peace of mind.

The team at Ross’s Plumbing are professional, knowledgeable and experienced, they put customer service as their top priority to ensure that you get the best possible service time and time again.

Customers that have used this plumbing company in the past, use them for all their plumbing requirements in the future. Offering a range of services from plumbing and maintenance to gas and drainage. Ross’s Plumbing remains a number one choice for homeowners.

Is Your Roof Going To Make It Through The Storm?

Living in Auckland you know how unpredictable the weather can be and the storms that lash the area can be devastating, causing serious damage to your roof.

You need to always be prepared and there are a few things you can do before and after a storm to reduce the repairs costs you may need to face should you roof be damaged.

Before the Storm

It’s important you have an Auckland roofing company that you can trust come out on an annual basis to carry out a roof inspection. Annual roof inspections can catch any potential problems early, repairs can be made and the risk of further damage is dramatically reduced.

Always take the time to do your garden maintenance, keep any trees cut back away from the roof, reducing the risk of the branches smashing your roof during high winds.

When you get the news that a storm is on the way, you can’t expect your roofing Auckland company to rush out and check your roof, which is why you do your regular inspections.

But what you can do is to ensure branches are cut back and there isn’t anything that can smash down onto your roof during the storm. Check the ceiling space for leaks and ensure everything is in order before the storm hits.

If you like you can climb up onto the roof and ensure the tiles are in place and ready for the weather that is rapidly approaching.

After the Storm

Unfortunately during the storm there isn’t much you can do. If you notice that your roof suddenly starts leaking, place a bucket directly under the leak in the ceiling space to reduce the risk of it leaking into the lower floors of the property.

As soon as the storm is over, whether you have leaks or not, it’s advisable to call in your roofing Auckland company to do a quick inspection. Rather be safe than sorry.

You can always climb into your ceiling space and look for leaks, walk around the property and ensure that trees haven’t blown over and get a look at the roof to see if there is any debris on the roof.

Finally climb up onto the roof and inspect it yourself. But if you are unsure at any stage, call in your roofing company to do the necessary checks.

Riteline Roofing

Riteline Roofing are a roofing Auckland based company that provide roofing services to homes and businesses throughout the area. This family owned business has over twenty years roofing Auckland experience and offer a professional, friendly and quality service to all their clients.

Riteline Roofing has a team of professional and qualified roofers on hand to do roofing maintenance, repairs, install new roofs, re-roof and roof flashing, just to mention a few of the services they provide.

With an eye for detail and working to high standards, Riteline Roofing have become a top roofing company in the Auckland area, dedicated to customer service and using only the highest quality roofing and cladding products available on the market today.